Colorado Elite Making Champions


~~The Colorado Elite is a premier girls basketball club team that is focused on taking Colorado’s top female basketball players and molding them into some of the nation’s best. We have multiple teams and age groups at any given time. The team starts out with one of the countries top coaches in Keirsten Walters. Keirsten an All-American for UConn brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience as the head coach. The team is focused on basketball, winning, but more importantly insuring that these young ladies also maintain superiority in their academic work at school

-- Tentative schedule on tournaments page


Practice (Tues-Thurs) Thornton Middle

--3/03/2015 Tuesday 6:30-8:00 International School(TMS) 

--3/05/2015 No Practice Gym not available)

Full Schedule

* No Practice on March 5th due to gym not available *

** Tryouts Coming Soon! **

 5th-8th Grade February  24th and 26th

 High School March 3rd, 17th, 19th

** Please contact Keirsten at to pre-register **